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A Team which implemented numerous Statistical Applications and Projects in Public and Private sector and is able to convert theory into practice on a SCİENTİFİC BASİS and gained national and international experience in all of the practical fields in which statistics is used gathered under this roof.

Statistics World;

  • It started to operate with a different structure on 10/10/2010.
  • Our essential goal is provide consultancy services in the light of Professional ethics and Statistical and Scientific facts.


Our mission is to reflect all facts onto the result report based on the Science of Statistics.


Our vision is to provide relevant services by using the contemporary and high-tech tools in line with the scientific research techniques on national and international scale and by adopting the provision of individual/corporate change development and changes as the primary principle in harmony with ethics, privacy and reliability rules.


In the information age where fast developments and changes are experienced, individuals and societies need to renew and improve themselves continuously in line with the technologies and requirements.

For societies and those ruling them, up-to-date, healthy and reliable information is needed in the evolving technology and information age. To access up-to-date, healthy and reliable information, first we need to reach true and healthy data and then STATISTICIANS who convert these true data into information by means of reliable statistical methods and manage this process dexterously.


The duty of meeting the social needs, guide the investments to be made and collect data which could direct the central and local administrators to predict and envision the future in terms of management in Turkey is awarded to TUIK by laws. Producer and the coordinator of the formal statistics is Turkish Statistical Institute.

Statistics World acts with its mission to produce and provide quality, reliable, up-to-date and objective statistics to its statistics users with its implemented projects and in its planned studies from the day of its establishment.

In this context, it endeavors to respond to the needs and demands by continuously expanding its pool of experts and technologies. It has the capacity and capability to provide field organization across Turkey in a short period of time. It prepared “Address Framework” which will collect leading indicator data across Turkey by improving its Online and CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) infrastructure from 2020.


In the information and technology age, it is known that date, information and statistics have an important role. For this reason, in the data we will collect and in the information we will produce, in the statistical methods we will use, an understanding for working has been adopted which is in harmony with the national and international validity and reality. We work without compromising the QUALITY while producing quick and reliable information with the most appropriate methods within the framework of the theoretical and practical knowledge of an expert and experienced team.

ID Structural Quality Understanding is based on the following components;

  • Professional Ethics Perception
  • Objective and independent understanding
  • Experience and effectivity of data collection
  • Competence of infrastructure, technology and expert staff
  • Using effective methods and Methodology
  • Commitment to Quality,
  • Guarantee for Protection of Statistical Privacy and Personal Information


  • Privacy;
    All outputs gained from any projects implemented by ID, field implementation and data entry in particular are not provided, disclosed to anyone apart from the client and not used under any circumstances. 100% privacy is essential in all of our works. The Law on the Protection of the Personal Data (KVKK) is our most fundamental privacy policy.

    • Transparency;
      Methods used in the projects are acceptable by the Science of Statistics as per the international norms. All methods used by ID throughout the project are reported by referring to the scientific resources. All stages of the work are described in the report to be submitted with all of the details. By means of “IDOL” (Statistics World Online) application which is the own product of the Statistics World, the client is given the opportunity to control the research processes from the collection of the data in the digital media to the controlling stages and finalization process.
    • Man Power;
      ID projects are realized with Statistics and IT experts in particular and the expert staff such as Economists, Psychologists, Sociologists and other professionals based on the quality of the project.


  • Professional Expertise,
    • Large Academic Consulting staff
    • Theoretical knowledge infrastructure and experience in implementation,
    • Client-focused alternative solution suggestions,
    • Tailor-made service provision for the individuals/institutions,
    • Training programs prepared with the examples according to the needs and demands,
    • Opportunity to collaborate with the Departments of Statistics in Turkey.

Our most important difference is reflected in the , national and international projects which we realized in the last 10 years.

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